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22 December 2023


The time has finally come! Our new album "The Orcish Eclipse" is now available!

Available here:

…you can expect a damn strong melodic death metal album with a relatively high proportion of classic heavy/power metal and the "death" mainly referring to the vocals. Imagine a mixture of Amon Amarth paired with Sabaton and bands like Ensiferum. The hit density on this album is correspondingly high! So if you like your death metal rather "bombastic", you should definitely risk an ear here. Some of the many favorites include "Coming Home", "When I Fall" (here even with a dark touch à la Dissection), or the ballad "Nightfall". It's frightening that an AI can do something like this and that it sounds less generic than much of what else is coming out these days. In any case, I'll be spinning the album more often!14 / 15 Legacy Mag


Musically, FROSTBITE ORCKINGS fit in between acts like Turisas, Alestorm or Ensiferum, heavy metal with a slight folk touch and death metal elements. If the explanatory promo letter hadn't been enclosed, I would never have suspected that AI was at work here. Crazy.Rock Hard


Overall, this new record is amazing on many different levels. It is unbelievable that a computer generated a full-length record, complete with vocals and song titles, when given a few simple parameters. The sound quality is great. The instruments are very well defined, and the music allows the vocals to stand out while maintaining a consistent theme throughout the album.8.5 / 10 Metal Express Radio


“Let's be honest: we're all still struggling with the topic of artificial intelligence. Especially when it comes to areas that ideally arouse emotions and provoke reactions - like music. But here, too, things are moving in the right direction: Frostbite Orckings are heralding a new era as the world's first AI metal band. Our story explains exactly how their music is created; here it's all about the music. And the music is (unfortunately) convincing: THE ORCISH ECLIPSE sounds like a highly commercialized version of Amon Amarth, trimmed for hits. We hear driving heavy metal with growls, background vocals and (rarely too dominant) electro accents. Apart from that, many tracks (such as 'When I Fall', 'Hammers High', 'Beauty Of The Night', 'We Navigate', 'Coming Home') evoke exactly that combative, invincible "we're sailing into battle" feeling that we love so much about the Wikis and that makes us fist-bump, headbang and freak out at their concerts - full force and tangible aggression, spiced up with filigree riffs and lots of pathos.” Metal Hammer


In support of the release you can now watch a brand new music video for the track “Coming Home”, made in New Orc City and the Nocturnal Norths!