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Alva Berrilsdóttier - Guitars: "Unbelievably beautiful like her mother, but she can drink like her father and plays the guitar so that helmets fly!"

If you could go back in time to witness one event in history, what would it be?
According to my grandmother, there was a remarkable warrior in the history of our tribe who has had a significant impact on the course of development to this day. I would like to get to know this woman better and watch her in full bloom and her work!

If your life was a movie, who would play you?
Chuck Norris!! Hahaha! But without a beard!

What is your favorite film/series?
I can recommend a number of series! Grace Anatomy has always fascinated me and I also think action and police series like NCIS or Lethal Weapon are great! Otherwise, I also find informative series such as documentaries extremely interesting as a supplement to magazines or books.